00634R FB SSE180 INI

Fund Details

Investment Objective

The Fubon SSE180 Inversed Index Exchange Traded Fund seeks investment results that closely track the performance of SSE180 Inversed Index, before fees and expenses. The Base Day for SSE180 Inversed Index is June 30, 2009. The Base Period is the adjusted market capitalization of all constituents after closing on the Base Day. The Base Index is 7000 points.

Fund Characteristic

Fubon SSE180 Inversed Index Exchange Traded Fund is based on the SSE180 Inversed Index. The Index is designed to track the daily inverse performance of SSE180 index. The index constituents include the underlying index which is SSE 180, interest rate and short cost. At present, interest rate equals the 6-month loan interest rate of Financial Institute as well as the short cost equals the interest rate above plus 3%.

Index Description

SSE180 Inversed Index reflect the long-term performance of an investor attaining a inverse of the daily performance of SSE180 basing on the risk free rate and short cost. The index could provide the analysis and investment tools for the leveraged investors.

Principal Investment Strategy

SSE 180 Leverage/Inversed ETF would utilize the variety of combination of derivatives and physical stock to minimized the tracking errors and cost in order to deliver the correspond to the performance of the target index.