00740B Fubon 10+US Corp Bd BBB Ex China

Fund Details

Investment Objective

Closely track the performance of US BBB Corporate Bond 10Yr+ Coupon 4.5% exChina Index

Fund Characteristic

T The Bloomberg Barclays US BBB Corporate Bond 10Yr+ Coupon 4.5% exChina Index measures a subset of the investment grade, fixed-rate, taxable corporate bond market. It includes USD-denominated securities publicly issued by US and non-US industrial, utility and financial issuers.

Principal Investment Strategy

For each index, Bloomberg maintains two universes of securities: the Returns (Backward) and the Projected (Forward) Universes. The composition of the Returns Universe is rebalanced at each month-end and represents the fixed set of bonds on which index returns are calculated for the next month. The Projected Universe is a forward-looking projection that changes daily to reflect issues dropping out of and entering the index but is not used for return calculations. On the last business day of the month (the rebalancing date), the composition of the latest Projected Universe becomes the Returns Universe for the following month.

Top Ten Holdings

    No. Stock Code Stock Name Weighting
    1 US03522AAJ97 ABIBB 4.9 02/01/46 3.63%
    2 US126650CZ11 CVS 5.05 03/25/48 3.14%
    3 US097023CW33 BA 5.805 05/01/50 2.22%
    4 US03522AAH32 ABIBB 4.7 02/01/36 1.95%
    5 US126650CY46 CVS 4.78 03/25/38 1.83%
    6 US03523TBV98 ABIBB 5.55 01/23/49 1.67%
    7 US097023CX16 BA 5.93 05/01/60 1.45%
    8 US161175BA14 CHTR 6.484 10/23/45 1.43%
    9 US126650CN80 CVS 5 1/8 07/20/45 1.38%
    10 US92343VCK89 VZ 4.862 08/21/46 1.37%

Source: Bloomberg Index Services Limited Data as of 2021.12.31