00746B FB 9-35 US Corp Bd A

Fund Details

Investment Objective

Closely track the performance of Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate A3 or Better 9-35 year 1bn 3% Issuer Capped I33872US index.

Fund Characteristic

The Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate A3 or Better 9-35 Year 1bn 3% Issuer Capped Bond Index includes USD-denominated securities issued by US and non-US industrial, utility and financial issuers with an index rating of at least A3 and a minimum amount outstanding between USD750mn and USD3.5bn. The index limits issuer exposure to a maximum of 3% and redistributes the excess market value index-wide on a pro rata basis.

Principal Investment Strategy

For each index, Bloomberg maintains two universes of securities: the Returns (Backward) and the Projected (Forward) Universes. The composition of the Returns Universe is rebalanced at each month-end and represents the fixed set of bonds on which index returns are calculated for the next month. The Projected Universe is a forward-looking projection that changes daily to reflect issues dropping out of and entering the index but is not used for return calculations. On the last business day of the month (the rebalancing date), the composition of the latest Projected Universe becomes the Returns Universe for the following month.

Top Ten Holdings

    No. Stock Code Stock Name Weighting
    1 US002824BH26 ABT 4.9 11/30/46 0.55%
    2 US92826CAF95 V 4.3 12/14/45 0.55%
    3 US437076AS19 HD 5 7/8 12/16/36 0.53%
    4 US023135BJ40 AMZN 4.05 08/22/47 0.53%
    5 US046353AD01 AZN 6.45 09/15/37 0.52%
    6 US377372AE71 GSK 6 3/8 05/15/38 0.51%
    7 US46647PAL04 JPM 3.964 11/15/48 0.51%
    8 US717081CY74 PFE 7.2 03/15/39 0.51%
    9 US822582AD40 RDSALN 6 3/8 12/15/38 0.51%
    10 US20825CAQ78 COP 6 1/2 02/01/39 0.50%

Source: Bloomberg Index Services Limited Data as of 2021.09.30