00784B Fubon Asian Broad Bond Index ETF

Fund Summary

Fund Name Fubon FTSE Asian Broad Bond Index-China,Investment-Grade ETF
Stock Name Fubon Asian Broad Bond Index ETF
Stock Code 00784B
Underlying FTSE Asian Broad Bond Issuers Investment-Grade in LCL terms
Index Information
Index Provider FTSE Fixed Income LLC
Regulator Securities and Futures Commission
Index Base Points 100 points
Trading Information
Investment Objective Closely track the performance of FTSE Asian Broad Bond Index – China, Investment-Grade Index.
Issue of Units Scripless, units held in the Depository and not available for withdrawal in physical form.
Depository Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation
Maximum Subscription Size None
Creation Unit/Redemption Unit 500,000 units
Denomination TWD
Management Fee
  • 30億(含)以下 : 0.4%
  • 30億(不含)以上 : 0.3%
Custodian Fee
  • 30億(含)以下 : 0.13%
  • 30億(不含)以上 : 0.11%
Custodian Bank 第一商業銀行